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"How You Can Create Advertising That Really Works" by Bill Grady

Comments About Bill Grady's In-Person Seminar

"What was the most valuable? How to write effective ad copy.  Passive and intrusive
  types of advertising shed new light on how I looked at the mediums."

"Bill is a very professional speaker, well knowledgeable in this topic."

"Didn't talk 'above' people, kept it simple."

"Everything was a learning experience and very informative."

"Presentation up beat, not too long.  Covered all areas of the media."

"It really inspired me to get moving on our advertising."

Seminar Topics

Key # 1, The Message is Your Image - FREE Seminar Sample
  • This is most important of the “3 Keys”.  It is absolutely crucial that you get this one right.
The “Typical” Formula for Advertising Messages
  • The media is full of ads like these.  Are your ads using this formula?  
The Right Formula for Writing Ads
  • You need to use this formula in each of your advertising messages to stand out.
The Golden Rule of Advertising
  •  A basic advertising principle, and how many unknowingly “sabotage” their ads by ignoring this.
The Transactional Customer vs. The Relational Customer
  • On purpose or by accident, most advertisers target one or the other. 
The 3 C's of Ad Copy
  • Discover these three things your advertising copy should be.
The 10 Most Powerful Words
  • You need to use these words to make your advertising more powerful.
Headlines & Hooks
  • You'll find out what the sole purpose of the headline or the hook is. 
  • Bill Grady will show you how to write effective headlines and hooks. 
  • You'll hear examples of effective headlines and hooks that you can use right away.
Key # 2, Repetition Makes It Work
  • Why repetition is such an important factor to your advertising success.
The 3 Rules of "True Branding"
  • What is "true branding" and three easy rules you can follow to obtain it .
Why There Are No Short Cuts to Advertising Repetition
  • You'll hear about the factors that bury advertising and how you can overcome them.
Key # 3, Planning Your Advertising
  • What makes a good advertising plan and how you can put one together for your business.
  • The question of “how much you should spend on advertising” is answered here.
Two Types Of Media Characteristics
  • A new look at how you should define each advertising medium. 
Media Strengths & Weaknesses, And How To Make Them Effective & Efficient
  • You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of 8 mediums.
  • Electronic Mediums:  Television, Cable TV, Radio.
  • Print Mediums:  Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Billboards, Direct Mail. 
  • You'll hear the inside scoop from the pro's that sell each medium. 
  • Word-Of-Mouth advertising is also included in this discussion.
Putting The Plan Together
  • How you can put together a cost effective plan based on the characteristics of each media.
Tracking Your Advertising - FREE Seminar Sample
  • Why it's important to track your advertising along with tracking ideas that anyone can use.

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Bill Grady
About the Author, Bill Grady

Bill Grady has over 35 years of marketing and advertising creation, sales,
and management experience.

He began selling advertising at age 20, became a radio station General
Manager at the age of 23, and has personally sold millions of dollars in
local advertising over his career.

Bill is a former President of the Iowa Broadcasters Association and his
stations were recipients of multiple National Association of Broadcasters
awards for excellence.

Since 2002, Bill has brought his marketing and advertising knowledge to
thousands of small business owners in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota,
Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.       Copyright © Star Communications   Star Communications, Fort Dodge, Iowa

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