Gain New Business by Being Your Customer's First Choice

Even as we're facing an economic recession you have an opportunity to boost your revenues by strengthening the relationship you have with your customers.  Those who are able to strengthen the relationship they have with their customers will not only survive, but they will have the opportunity to grow their business. Those who can't risk everything they've worked hard for to those who can.  One of the best tools I've used to do this in bad times and in good is to consistently send out cards of appreciation and recognition to my customers and sincerely express how important they are to me.

FACT:People are more likely to use you if they remember you.  People are more likely to remember you if you remember them and make them feel important.
FACT: E-mails get deleted.  Cards with photos get saved and displayed.
FACT: Customers who know that you appreciate them will pay more for your product or service and they will remain loyal.
FACT: Customers will refer people to you when you're the first one to come to mind when a friend, relative or associate is looking for someone in your field.
FACT: A well maintained network of only 100 people could lead to millions of dollars in business over time.  Each person can connect you to over 250 people. That's 25,000 potential connections that would happily refer you to someone else.

Here's How It Works: Today I need my ceilings painted.  If a local painter had been sending me 2 personal cards per year, I would call them first.  On Monday I decide I'm going to do a landscaping project that I've always wanted to do.  If someone who provides that service had been sending me 2 personal cards per year I would call them first without any hesitation. 
Do you see how simple this is?  Yet few people actually do this.  Probably 1 out of every 250 business people send cards expressing appreciation for their customers' business.  This was one of the ways I was able to personally sell millions of dollars in radio ads over my career.  By sending one thank you card, you put yourself in the top 250 in your field.  Put your picture in it and you are now in the top 1/2 of 1% of all business people.  Sincerely remember their birthday and anniversary and you're on a completely new level with them.

There are obviously other things that you need such as a great product or service, customer care, and the ability to solve a problem for your customer.  But this gets you in the door or "invited back" to help them solve a problem or serve a need that they have today.

Bill Grady
About the Author, Bill Grady

Bill Grady has over 35 years of marketing and advertising creation, sales,
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He began selling advertising at age 20, became a radio station General
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Bill is a former President of the Iowa Broadcasters Association and his
stations were recipients of multiple National Association of Broadcasters
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